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Franchising and Licensing

For Franchisors and Licensors:

  • Start-up advice

  • Entity structuring including for global, regional and master arrangements

  • Intellectual property protection and intellectual property licensing and sub-licensing arrangements

  • Preparing franchise and licence agreements and ancillary agreements

  • Acquisition and dispositions of franchise and licence systems

  • New Zealand compliance review and advice for offshore systems

  • Strategic franchise and licence system re-structuring advice and implementation

  • Dealing with disputes with franchisees and licensees and third parties

  • Administering change of franchisee and licensee process

For Franchisees and Licensees:

  • Preliminary advice when considering entry into a franchise or licence system

  • Reviewing and advising on franchise and licence agreements and sale and purchase agreements where existing franchise or licence businesses are being acquired

  • Attending on the sale of a franchise and licence businesses

  • Structuring advice for franchisee and licensee entity

  • Strategic exit advice

  • Dealing with disputes with franchisors and licensors

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