Quantum Law is are passionate about working with startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. Quantum Law will assist you in building strong foundations, setting you up for growth and success.


  • Assisting with conceptualising your idea in a legal framework

  • Giving you the best options for the legal structure to be utilised

  • Putting you in contact with the right people to assist with the various aspects of your venture

  • Drafting the key legal documents required to establish the venture including:​

    • Shareholder agreements for companies

    • Preparing constitutions/articles of association for companies

    • Preparing any necessary intellectual property licenses between your entities

    • Drafting and/or reviewing key supplier agreements (if any) and assisting in negotiating the same including for SaaS and other IT arrangements

    • Drafting key customer/client contracts and terms of trade/use

    • Limited or general partnership agreements